Committed to offering the latest developments in Quantum Cascade Lasers to keep you ahead of the technology curve and your competitors


OEM Performance

Stratium® has considerable experience in producing mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers for demanding high-performance commercial applications

Invention + Innovation

We are a small innovative enterprise which means we are able to act and adapt quickly, to address new challenges and bespoke requests to meet your exact requirements

Effective Collaboration

Our team has many years of experience in designing mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers and participating in collaborative funding programmes


Dedicated to manufacturing quantum cascade lasers with industrial-grade performance and reliability


Our aim is to deliver best in class Quantum Cascade Lasers

At Stratium, we make quantum cascade lasers and laser modules that help and inspire our customers to build high-performance products that can make a positive contribution to the way we all live our lives

It is our mission to provide you with a differentiated product portfolio consisting of reliable laser products and custom solutions designed to meet your exact requirements. We look forward to working with you

We're backed by Active Investors...

Finance Wales is pleased to co-invest with IP Group to back Stratium as its launches Bruar. Our investment will also enable Stratium undertake further research and development, scale up its technology and target new markets.
— Ann Casey, Investment Executive, Tech Ventures, Finance Wales Group
It is fantastic to see innovation and research, which started here at the University, leading to the launch of a product capable of having such a positive impact in a number of industries.
— Sarah A Fulton, Director of Research and Innovation Services, University of Sheffield

...with high-standards

Our investors actively participate at Stratium Board Meetings and provide corporate governance, so you can be assured that high standards are expected of our company officers.