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About the team

Stratium® consists of photonics professionals with experience of manufacturing and supplying compound semiconductor lasers in volume to OEM customers. If you are working on a project that requires a high performance mid-infrared semiconductor laser, we would
like to hear from you.

Our aim is to deliver best in class QCLs, but technology is not our only focus at Stratium. Of equal priority are the people working for and with Stratium. Our culture is based on continuous improvement, respect and integrity, both internally and externally with our customers. Here you can meet the people behind the scenes.

Aidong Xu

Chairman (IP2IPO Ltd)

Aidong has over 25 years’ experience in engineering, technical marketing and consultancy in diverse industries and currently serves as Director, New Business & Partnerships at IP Group Plc. Prior to joining IP Group in 2014, following the acquisition of Fusion IP plc, Aidong held senior management roles with Infineon Technologies (Austria), GE Energy, Cambridge Semiconductor and senior consultant role with The Technology Partnership.


Phillip Cornish

Chief Executive Officer

Phillip has more than 20 years’ experience in the photonics technology sector, working for a broad spectrum of organisations from listed companies to SMEs and early-stage start-ups. Prior to co-founding Stratium, Phillip was Business Development Director for Oclaro Inc.’s (NASDAQ: OCLR) Industrial and Consumer Lasers Division, responsible for driving revenue growth and strategic development in the United Kingdom. Phillip holds an MBA with Distinction from Liverpool University, a BSc in Physics with Space Science & Technology from Leicester University and an MSc in Product Design from Swansea University.


Kenneth Kennedy

Chief Technical Officer

Kenneth holds a PhD in Design and Fabrication Technologies for Single-mode Quantum Cascade Lasers and a BSc in Optoelectronics and Laser Engineering. He has industrial manufacturing experience with Agilent Technologies (formally HP) and is responsible for numerous III-V laser publications. Kenneth is Head of Device Fabrication at the EPSRC National Centre for III-V Technologies based at the University of Sheffield and is an expert in semiconductor Physics and the device fabrication technologies required to produce reliable QCLs and other compound semiconductor laser devices.


Dmitry Revin

Chief Scientific Officer

Dmitry received his PhD degree in experimental physics of semiconductors at the Institute of Applied Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences in 1999. In June 2001 he joined the mid-infrared semiconductor devices group in the University of Sheffield with the main research interests in the development of new designs, new technological approach and new characterization techniques for the mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers. During his 15 years at Sheffield he was involved in several international and UK collaborative projects. He is a co-author of more than 80 papers in the refereed journals and participated in more than 30 international and local conferences and seminars. He is a recognized expert in mid-infrared, short wavelength in particular, quantum cascade lasers.

Neil Warnock_01.png

Neil Warnock

Electronics Engineer

Neil has a degree in Electronics and Microcomputer Systems from the University of Dundee and has worked in the electronics industry for over 30 years in various sectors, including sub-contract manufacturing, test equipment, computer peripherals, security, CCTV and analytical instruments. He has broad experience of both analogue and digital design and has particular experience of integrating hardware and embedded firmware.


Ross McMaster

Financial Controller & Company Secretary

Ross started his career at both local and national chartered accountancy practices, where he gained extensive knowledge in all areas of accountancy, taxation and audit. A Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants with a BA in Accounting and Business, Ross specialises in the provision of management accounting services, strategic and business planning, financial forecasting and statutory accounts preparation for SME companies. Ross has been involved in a variety of fundraising transactions for private limited companies. He also provides corporate governance guidance whilst holding the position of company secretary to a number of companies spun out from the University of Sheffield.


John Cockburn

Scientific Advisor

John leads the Mid-Infrared Semiconductor Devices Group at the University of Sheffield as a Professor of Physics. He has considerable expertise in the development of QCL materials systems based on III-V antimonides (InGaAs-AlAsSb) and is responsible for the realisation of high performance quantum cascade laser (QCL) sources at the short wavelength end of the 3-5µm atmospheric transmission window, which is of major interest for a wide range of technological applications. John’s other research interests include optical and electrical studies of vertical transport and mid-infrared studies of quantum wells and quantum dots.

TS MOCVD-12 2.jpg

Customer service at Stratium begins with first contact and continues for the lifetime of the product



Quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) are an emerging compound semiconductor (CS) technology that could open the path for many new applications and technologies in the near future. Our aim is to deliver best in class QCLs with industrial-grade performance and reliability to drive the wider adoption of the technology.

As the commercialisation of QCL based products is still at a relatively early stage there are strong growth prospects over the next 5 to 10 years as the technology becomes more widely accepted. Applications for QCLs include; environmental monitoring, vehicle collision avoidance, breath diagnostics, vehicle emmisions monitoring, petrochemical process monitoring and marine ship emissions monitoring.


Stratium has wide ranging capabilities in epitaxy (MBE and MOCVD) and device fabrication with the ability to produce bespoke 2 inch QCL epiwafers. We also have advanced technologies for device fabrication for producing custom opto-electronic devices. Our particular expertise is in producing short‐wavelength QCLs with world record performance demonstrated in the 3.3μm‐3.7μm wavelength range and leading-edge device fabrication techniques.



Although Stratium is a spinout from world-class compound semiconductor (CS) research at the University of Sheffield, we are strategically based in Cardiff, due to the strong business support network in the region and the increasing activity in the commercialisation of CS technology in and around Cardiff. 

In Q1'16 it was announced, the UK Government / Treasury would make a £50M investment to create the UK's first CS R&D Catapult Centre, to be based in Cardiff, which will bring together entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists with state-of-the-art facilities to create new products and services.

Due to our existing relationships and location, Stratium is ideally placed to engage with the UK’s top R&D centres to enhance Stratium's capabilities and create new highly-skilled jobs.

So today I can tell you that we will establish a new UK national centre – based here in Wales – that will develop the semiconductors that are at the heart of modern technology. It will be part of our network of R&D Catapults. It will bring together scientists and businesses with expertise in this cutting-edge technology. It will create jobs, here. Bring investment here. And I’m committing £10 million this year and every year for the rest of the decade, £50 million in total, so that we build the future here in Wales.
— The Rt Hon George Osborne MP, HM Treasury