Bruar™ QCL chip

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Bruar™ QCL chip


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Full Description

The Bruar™ quantum cascade laser on sub-mount has been designed to deliver pulsed mid-infrared emission required for next generation gas analysers.

Designed and built to meet specific customer requirements, Bruar™ QCLs are available in the 3 - 12µm wavelength regime. Technical drawings and LIV curves are available on request.

Important Information

Performance figures, data and any illustrative material provided for this product are typical and must be specifically confirmed in writing by Stratium before they become applicable to any particular order, or contract. In accordance with the Stratium policy of continuous improvement specifications may change without notice. The publication of information for this product does not imply freedom from patent or other protective rights of Stratium, or others. Further details are available from Stratium or any of Stratium's Channel Partners.

Key Features

  • Peak power from 50mW
  • Room temperature operation
  • Wavelengths from 3µm to 12µm


Parameters Typical Unit
Centre Wavelength 3 - 12 (+/- 0.1) µm
Pulse Power (Peak) 0.050 - 1 W
Voltage [1] <17 V
Threshold Current [2] <1.5 A

[1] [2] Voltage and Threshold Current parameters are determined by the wavelength of the device